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New release available now!

New release available now!

About us

We are Retrospective.

We are a band from Poland, and while each of us comes from a different musical background, progressive rock has allowed us to merge our personalities and preferences and transform them into the world called Retrospective. In our music, you can find musical landscapes and melancholy, as well as heavily grounded guitar riffs supported by a pulsating rhythm section. The vocal duet completes the whole, making it difficult to pigeonhole us, as we have created our own, unique style over the years. We would like to invite everyone to our concert, where we will present our latest album, “iNtrovErt,” which tells the story of the consequences of human alienation.

As a band, we know each other inside out and have remained a tight-knit group of good friends. We also invite you, dear reader, to join our community, to become a part of the musical family that Retrospective has become.


We’re on:


DataMiasto, KrajMiejsceLink
2024-04-06Łódź, Polska Wooltura Tickets >
2024-04-20Lipno, Polska GOK LipnoTickets >


Introvert CD

55.00 PLN • Buy >

Latent Avidity CD

45.00 PLN • Buy >

Re:Search CD

40.00 PLN • Buy >

Lost In Perception CD

45.00 PLN • Buy >

Stolen Thoughts 10th Anniversary CD

45.00 PLN • Buy >

Spectrum Of The Green Morning CD

35.00 PLN • Buy >

Retrospekcje CD

25.00 PLN • Buy >

Latent Avidity LP

69.00 PLN • Buy >


Darek Kaźmierczak

Jakub Roszak

Beata Łagoda
Vocals – keys

Maciej Klimek

Robert Kusik

Łukasz Marszałek
Bass guitar